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Creating Persistent Links: Home

Create Persistent LInks

Use the Permalinks found in Quick Search

We recommend using the permalinks provided in Quick Search for all your articles and ebooks. If a student is off-campus and clicks on the full-text availability they will be prompted to sign in with their RSC credentials and will be able to access the article. Frequently an article is held in more than one database, so links to each database will appear. An Interlibrary Loan link will also appear so the student can request a copy of the article when databases are down. 

Search the article or ebook in the default search box on From your search results simply capture the permalink from the record by clicking on the link icon from the list of tools.

If you cannot find the article in Quick Search, if you have a PDF, temporarily post that to Moodle and email the library the title: We will get back to you with a link. 


Why Use Persistent Links?

Copyright: You can link to an article in a database or e-journal and remain copyright compliant.

Analytics: Databases keep track of how often content is accessed. Librarians use this information when making decisions about which journal and database subscriptions to renew.

Accessibility: Many databases include accessibility options such as text-to-speech and easy-to-read fonts.

Context: Many databases provide tools and additional information about articles such as keywords, and links to cited and related articles.